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In less than a year, I have sold three condos in 55+ buildings. At the same time I have built and sold two houses in Sidney to young retirees. Two different experiences, the first helping clients to downsize and the second selling clients on the concept of Aging in Place, but both part of a strong trend we are seeing as people move to smaller spaces and need less “stuff”.

Downsizing is something that we are all familiar with in theory, but not all of us have experienced it. If you are of a similar age to me, you may have helped your parents with the downsizing process. My parents moved from their big family home after all their children moved out and built a 1500 square foot rancher with two bedrooms with plans to age in place. No stairs to contend with, and not enough extra bedrooms for the kids to consider moving back in.
However, as time moved forward, the yard became too much for them and condo living beckoned. So they downsized (with much family assistance) and moved to a 1200 square foot condo in a 55+ building in their neighborhood.
Again, it seemed perfect.
You’d think so, but as time moved on, they needed yet more care and had to make the move to an Independent Living situation where meals are provided and there is assistance, should they need it. This was an even bigger downsizing, as their new place is only 550 square feet. Lots of cherished items, such as furniture, had to go, as well as kitchen items they would no longer need. All in all the process was very daunting for them. Each time they moved they thought it would be the last time, and they wouldn’t have to get rid of any more of their “stuff”.

The houses I am building in Sidney are part of the new downsizing trend, called Aging in Place. These houses have a master bedroom with ensuite bathroom on the main floor of the house, so as you age you don’t have to contend with stairs and you can live on the main level – leaving the upstairs as extra space for family or guests. In addition, these houses have been built with small, low maintenance yards, so some gardening is possible, but they are not difficult to maintain. And lastly, the houses are built within walking distance of services, so you don’t need a driver’s license to get what you need; you can travel on foot, or by motorized scooter if mobility is an issue.

In working with clients when selling the listings in both the 55+ buildings and in the houses I’ve built we had many discussions about their needs and how the space would work for them. Through the process I was able to use my knowledge and experience to help guide them through their options and to come to a property decision that would best meet their needs.

If you, or someone you know is going through this process, I’d be happy to help.

And if you’d like to speak to me about that help, you can reach me using the contact information on my website or call my cell: 250.888.8117.